My husband purchased our first home almost two years ago. When we started the process we were very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. We were lead to a mortgage company (not the McCoy team) and have difficulty with them. My husband has excellent work history… we had good credit except for one issue that had been with an attorney for 3 yrs trying to get it worked out. The lady assigned to us said we would have to pay off that debt before we could qualify. I tried to explain that the debt wasn’t right and we were waiting for our attorney to settle it. We felt discouraged and lost and then we we found the McCoy team. I talked to Mike McCoy and explained our situation. .within a 20 min conversation he got us preapproved. He was wonderful at keeping me calm (cause I was a wreck) and explaining everything to us so we understood the process. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this group!