Mortgage Needs


Please find below a list of documents needed to further evaluate your Mortgage Loan Pre-Qualification.

**Listed below are the items needed to process your application.**

Please send back within  2 days of receipt of request so there are no unnecessary delays in processing your loan or delays in closing.  You may also upload these items directly to the website once you go online to the edisclosure system. 


  • Copy of most recent paycheck stub(s) covering a one-month period with at least 30 days of YTD earnings reflected. These may need to be updated through closing.
  • Name and phone number of immediate supervisor or Human Resource dept. for verification of employment:
  • Most Recent 2 Years W-2’s and/or 1099’s (if you file a K1 we will also need those)
  • All pages of Tax Returns for Most Recent 2 Years. (business& personal if applicable and include all schedules)   

*** Please note: If you are self employed or paid on 1099 we will need a Profit & Loss Statement for Most Recent 2 Years



  • Most recent 2 months bank and investment statements for all accounts. These may need to be updated through closing. (All pages included in statements that are mailed to you – if printing off the internet, they must include account holder(s) name,      full account number, a beginning and ending balance with all activity in between
  • Most recent quarterly or monthly statement for all retirement accounts.  Please include terms of withdrawal from your investment company if 401K or non-IRA account if using these funds for closing. (All pages included in statements mailed to you – if printing off the internet, they must include account holder(s) name, full account number, a beginning and ending balance with all activity in between)



  • Name and phone number of Insurance Agent handling homeowner’s insurance for property you are financing through Affiliated Bank Mortgage. If you have not started shopping for insurance, please do so now! We will need this info in order to process your loan.  Let me know if you need a referral.
  • Settlement Statement (HUD-1) from sale of current home once you close, if applicable.
  • If you own a home currently and plan on keeping it please send most recent mortgage statement and copy of taxes & insurance statements if not escrowed in payment. If the home is free & clear send proof (copy of release of lien or Deed)


OTHER (If Applicable):

  • All pages of Divorce Decree or Child Support orders (if you pay)
  • If you receive child support income, please provide proof (print out from child support office is best) AND a copy of Child Support Orders or Decree
  • Copies of all cancelled checks written to builders or realtors for purchase, once the check clears your account or copy of the check and a printout from your bank from ending date of last statement to current date.
  • There will be an upfront charge for the appraisal fee. We will send you an online link to pay this once we are ok to order your appraisal.
  • Copy of Drivers License & Social Security Cards for all borrower and Spouses (include Resident Alien Card –front and back, if applicable). *** If you are married and the property you are purchasing or refinancing will be your primary residence even if your spouse is not on the loan we will need a copy of their drivers license and they must be prepared to go to closing.  They will be considered a Non Purchasing Spouse due to Texas is a Community Property State.***  


Now is not the time to make any large purchases, open new credit or move money from account to account. Please limit these things during the process of your mortgage loan. We are required to document all large deposits, so please keep that in mind when depositing funds into your bank account(s).


You may deliver these in one of the following ways:

  • Click Here to Send Secure Documents
  • Bring them with you to your appointment with your loan officer
  • Send as a PDF via email (not recommended)

If you have any questions regarding your documents please contact us. We are happy to help.

We look forward to helping you during this exciting time.



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